Final Rating: 6.28. Finished 18 out of 177 entries.

386 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mohamad Jaka Aries

Description: Drinking potion and became different person.

Experience: Many Years

Time taken: Many hours


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Hunor Bálint:

I love the idea, but you could prepare a better playblast. At least hide the nurbs curves.

Danilo Recevic:

Cues could be arranged a bit differently


need more offset in the mouvement

James Choi:

I really like the acting choices, and I really like the snappiness of the movements

Elisabeth Janerka:

Fun setup! Nice animation!

Joshua Morley:

Idea was almost there - I feel like this could have been developed further and could have used secondary characters to enforce the effects of the potion. Maybe stuffed animals come to life or something (This is just spit balling, I know time isn't on our side with this one).
The motion was great though, very dynamic. Held poses where they needed and timing was great and pushed things. I like this one a lot.