Final Rating: 6.08. Finished 23 out of 177 entries.

357 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kieran

Description: Brutus the coffeeshop dog knows his regular customers so well that he has their drinks and pastries ready as soon as they step off the train. But one regular, Owen, is having a bad morning.

Experience: 3-5 years, give or take

Time taken: 2 weeks fabrication, 1 week animation


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Jamie F:

Nice idea

John M:

I love the literal pins in the bones on this animation. The last bit with the pig really made me laugh. Nice work. Interesting style of animation but it is consistent throughout.

Joey Geraldo N:

wow nice


haha I like the idea

Elisabeth Janerka:

nice setup!

Joshua Morley:

Sometimes its not about amazing animation, thats jaw dropping. Sometimes the idea is just so amazing, the style just works. Loved it!