Final Rating: 7.04. Finished 7 out of 177 entries.

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Animator: Vladyslav Patrauchan

Description: This farmer really loves his farm animals!

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 20-25 days after work


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Hunor Bálint:

Very nice! Just a little bit too much movement from the horse in some places and therefore it shares the attention.

Elisabeth Janerka:

Super nice
I do find it a bit hard to always understand what the horse is doing/thinking. His face is very often rotated very far down which makes it very hard to see his eyes.


Really cute take! The horses' mannerisms are wonderful.


I am at 81 entries and wondering where's this guy's entry? But here you are Mr V...
I've these comments:
(1) F#28: If you play it realtime, It seems that rider noticed them but tried to ignore. So turn his head bit more than current.
(2) Right now it looks like The Horse is taking his Rider instead of Rider as leader. Horse is stopping at its own will instead of Rider's. So do something like, Rider putting his hand on Horse's neck as order to stop.
without that Horse is like Donkey with unknown luggage. Did you get my point?