Final Rating: 3.44. Finished 92 out of 128 entries.

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Animator: Laura Espinosa

Description: What could be a normal conversation between two inmates

Experience: i'm a student

Time taken: like a day :/


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Cristhiam Diaz:

He just moves the head and the lips, the face expression is the same all the time and he never blinks.

Samuel Bourland:

Put some motion to draw attention to the man on the bed when he speaks. Maybe make him sit up or something.

Jim P:

Man, I wanted so much for the guy in the bunk to sit up and ask.

karan moshary:

animation is good, could be more better, a bit stiff i guess, concept is good for sure.

Eric Solomon:

overall not bad, though i wish i can see a little more detail within the cell