Final Rating: 6.79. Finished 4 out of 128 entries.

19,320 views including the voting period.


Animator: Laszlo Hajba

Description: His friend is not who he toughed he was.

Experience: Couple of 11sec animations previously

Time taken: couple of evenings. maybe 1 day in total.


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This is so good, I love your work on the secondary character. I'm not seeing a lot of other entries who took the time to flesh him out, especially with the meek little voice used to ask if he took it. Well done!

Jim P:

Woah, i like the final reaction, I just wish you animated the other guy. Amazing talent.

Rahul Sharma:

Second cut is too long......i think bcoz of time you had to do

karan moshary:

i liked the animation work. keep it up.

Mohamed Achref Hadda:

one of the best i have seen !!


i love the style this was done in! the first guy reminds me of kaneda from akira. the expressions are verry effective! wish i could see the last like acted out, but cool idea foccusing on just the reaction of the second guy

Samaphon Chunawat:

The animation is decent but the art line need to be more consistent in order to fully show every inch of animation you made.

Brian W.:


Eric Solomon:

Really enjoy seeing basic animation. Love the clean sketches as well as the addition of in between notions