Final Rating: 3.66. Finished 86 out of 128 entries.

400 views including the voting period.


Animator: david

Description: two friends meeting at nigth.

Experience: 2 year

Time taken: 40 hours aprox


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Samaphon Chunawat:

The lip-sync toward the end is nice but the same cannot be said at the beginning of the clip. The pose is ok but the head movement of the left character is rather odd.

Samuel Bourland:

Some of the expressions look pretty entertaining. But the movements are pretty jerky.

Raphael Blanchet:

I really like the poses, I think they read very well. What stands out to me is the foreground character has a lot of head movement that is a bit erratic. I would track the nose to smooth out the head movement and make sure that its properly affecting the neck torso when appropriate.