Final Rating: 6.25. Finished 14 out of 128 entries.

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Animator: chenlinlin

Description: He confided to his brother that his brother was worride about him.

Experience: 7year

Time taken: 2weeks


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Jim P:

Your schooling shows. Congratulations!

Raphael Blanchet:

Your poses read very well and I really like the variations in timing you have throughout. If I had any issues it would the shape of of his hands at the start, it feels a little awkward and unnatural - but not by much.

Samuel Bourland:

There's kind of too many actions happening to read well. But I really like the attitude with the guy with glasses. Also another thing to consider is that since the guy on the right is better lit, it brings attention to him even though he isn't moving as much.

Rahul Sharma:

unnecessary actions..... 5 actions in first part...i think there should be only 2 action...