Final Rating: 2.95. Finished 83 out of 96 entries.

390 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bridgette

Description: Mid-life crisis with a job switch

Experience: 2 years as a student

Time taken: 3 Weeks


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Bridget McCleary:

change frame rate

Marcus Taylor:

It seems to me very pose to pose. I'd work on your timings, and working within a few good poses. That should also help the floaty feeling.

Gaucelm De Villaret:

I like the stopmotion effect.

Shakya Achyut:

needs moving holds...too much smoothness ...everything on auto or spline after blocking?


fps needs to be fixed, lots of unecesary movement and lack of voicesync

Byron Pockrandt:

The lip sync was ok. But the characters movements were not defined. They were wobbling all over the place. Add some breakdowns. Make sure to use your graph editor to give life to your animation curves.

John Sloan:

Animation seems to be laggy or the frame rate was incorrectly submitted.