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"Like a Frightened Turtle!"

by Pat Keegan

Final Rating: 7.33. Finished 2 out of 164 entries.

11,194 views including the voting period.


Animator: Pat Keegan

Description: Doc gets a new whip.

Experience: 3 years professionally

Time taken: From design to storyboard to final animation, this took roughly 30hrs


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Remi Thewissen:

Really good, too bad you didn't finish the turtle, but other then that great job
The poses are great, the animation is smooth, your lines (the ones that you finished) are clean, the lipsink is on the spot...

I love the rattle of the turtle and how it brings the doc back and forth.
If I were you I'd finish it up, it may be too late for 11 second club, but I think it's worth finishing.

Divyam Chand:

love it

Danny Kneip:

Brilliant. Love just about everything in this (minus the camera move at the end - completely unnecessary). Great energy, emotion, lip sync, etc. Yes, the bouncing gets old very quickly, I think it's because he's white on a white background and the eye has trouble following him. You might have benefited from the turtle stopping and giving the bear a chance to rest (as well as the audience). Anyway, one of my absolute favorites this month! Great work.

Kong Anim:

cool man.

Rob Small:

Some nice movement in this, but I don't really like the pan back to the tortoise at the end. You could have reverted back to the shot at the start, which I think would have worked better.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Cool characters and nice control of the drawings. Too much movement going on and it's confusing. Settle it down and get some real emphasis. Like the doc's motion and pose.


This is adorable. The two main character animations look great. The composition is too cramped though, need to give the characters more breathing room. Also. the ending scene doesn't really fit. The turtle is locked up frozen. I would just cut it out of frame and give the Marty character room to act out the take which could be stronger with his body language.


Riding motion stops at 257. I guess you made it to see the little character but a motion is needed. Like the little guys animation.

Celia Bullwinkel:

These facial expressions are terrific. Great to see some 2D animation this month.