Final Rating: 4.33. Finished 62 out of 164 entries.

407 views including the voting period.


Animator: Emilien Cote

Description: Here's my work for this month entry


Experience: 1

Time taken: 30 hours


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Julien Ferritto:

The animation is a little slow compare to the dialog, good idea :)

Sharath Kumar:

Cool idea... nice rendering, the backgrounds almost blend in..

Nicole Brettell:

Like the texture and the character, but the lip-synch get a little slow-of-mouth at the end.

Ed Seager:

zoom in next time :)

Zackary Fender:

Good job on including the shadows and reflections!

Rob Small:

Lip syncing is waay off, but I like the small stuff in this, like the leg cross and finger twiddle.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Like the sitting down on the machine.

Watch timing and spacing, watch arcs. Decent character work!

Nathan Younger:

needs more out of doc