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Spit Fire Combat Gauntlet

by Sharath Kumar

Final Rating: 3.63. Finished 101 out of 164 entries.

405 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sharath Kumar

Description: Private john gets his Spit Fire combat gauntlet.

Started very late... :( i couldn't complete...!!! tried my best to do in 3 days... and i am gonna submit anyway...
please critique...

Experience: Beginner...

Time taken: 3days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Like the first pose.

Staging is not great and doc walking around is distracting. Loss of body weight and I think his reaction at the end could have been better, needs to get out of that suit!

Some good thoughts along the way.

Darnell Raymond:

I liked the animation, it was cool, i wish the doctor had a bit more movement though

Javier Ovalle:

Animation has good posing and the lip sync matching with the audio fine but I would have to say to play a little bit on exaggerating the characters more. Smooth animation but could use a little hand movement with the actions.