Final Rating: 4.70. Finished 47 out of 164 entries.

456 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anoop Soman

Description: The guy, he came inside the lab and disturbing Doc...

Experience: 4.5 years

Time taken: one and half week after the office time..


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Ian Alexander Hanson:

Cool setup, background is a bit distracting.

Like the secondary actions.

Could use better thinking in characters, doc is over the top unnecessarily. Motions are not always as strong as they could be.

Good work!

Michael Kristiansen:

Nice extreme animations on the doctor, would be great on the kid as well.

Joel Murphy:

Great poses on the second character. And nice anticipation/follow through on the first animation. It might have been nice to have an over the shoulder shot. The two characters don't feel like they're part of the same scene


The mouth shapes and lip sync work well. Could use more appropriate eye blinks. The body language is very pose to pose poppy and could use more smoothing out, anticipation poses and less full front poses, more dynamic poses that have stronger silhouettes.