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Animator: Lauren Elizabeth MacColl

Description: I'd hate to be the person who had to clean out this horses' stable.

Experience: 3 years of University, 2 years of bedroom animating.

Time taken: If I had to use a film title, it'd be 28 Days Later.


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Really loved the style! The lip movement and the whole look had a very unique feel to it. The horses movement was very entertaining to look at. The movements for both "Doc and Marty" characters seemed to be ver floaty, though. Too evenly spaced movements. It would have ben better to see a bit quicker movements for their bodies when reacting to certain lines. Overall, great job, loving the style.

Sharath Kumar:

LOL.!!! really good!! classic cartoon style

Nicole Brettell:

Disgusting... I don't mean to be hypercritical but that is disgusting!


really well done

Louis Parker:

Funny Funny Funny! Well done!

Jamal Pollack:

love te horse

Yegane Moghaddam:

Very humorous indeed.

Ed Seager:

that's mental , I love it :)

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Cool drawings and nice style.

Watch focus, never sure where to look after the first few seconds.

Cool expression at the end.

Michael Kristiansen:

hahaha so funny ^^

Nathan Younger:

creative, very cartoon network like.

Danny Kneip:

Your lip sync is really good. The concept is original, as always, and really amusing! Both characters are slow to move their legs (Doc around F255 putting his foot down and Marty at F330 swinging his leg over and relocating it). But this is barely perceptible because of what you've done with that horse. I'm so happy you kept him walking around like a human. Yes, there's a bit of a staging issue with the old man's head blocking the background action, but I think you handled it quite nicely by moving the pieces around. One of my favorites this month! Great work