Final Rating: 4.11. Finished 77 out of 164 entries.

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Animator: Kara

Description: A man sits in his workshop, talking with an inventor on an old radio. He examines a new lantern invention and finds out what makes it so bright.

Experience: I'm currently in school. I've been animating about 3 months.

Time taken: About 8 days, 5-7 hours a day.


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Ian Alexander Hanson:

Definitely like the setup and staging. Also like his gesture on "run like on on regular...."

Use hips even in sitting.

Good use in many parts of fast / slow, but then the "sucker" which should be fast is a bit floaty.

Lip sync very off.


The mood and intimacy of the composition is nice, however the animation needs work. The character's energy is greatly under exaggerated for what the dialogue portrays. The take could be a lot stronger, like a jump out of the chair, a double take and sliding the object quickly away, something a bit more stated and dynamic. The twinning of the hands during what should be a take needs breaking up if this is the posture you are sticking with though would be solved with a different action. the facial animations, eye movements and blinks work very well and give the character life. The character also feels a bit shimmy, the holds between major shifts could be longer to create that sense of moving hold. The ending poses also are very up and down and could use more dynamic poses.