Final Rating: 4.27. Finished 64 out of 164 entries.

348 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tifanee Libkuman

Description: My reaction when I saw the 2 wheel smart balancing scooter.

Disregard my computers inability to render the scene. :)

Experience: Post Grad Studies

Time taken: On and off throughout the month


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Nicole Brettell:

Love the little boy, but it would be better to have Doc in the picture with him as well...

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Lots of good things going on here - nice standing positions, good face while he's listening.

Lip sync is way off.

Would like to see more of the stage used and bigger reaction at nuclear. Watch SL hand into 133 - a bit jolty, not arcs.

Last face and body pose is a bit too small IMHO.

Good work!