Final Rating: 3.12. Finished 129 out of 164 entries.

368 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andrew Kahn

Description: We were told not to animate Doc, but I gave Marty a shot and I think it's ok! Hope you guys like it!

Experience: 6 months

Time taken: A week and a half


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Louis Parker:

Nice interaction with character at phonebooth. Just wish doc character moved enough the seem alive. His frozen position actually took my attention away from the main character which may should have been on the right side verses the left using the rule of thirds.

Zackary Fender:

I think the stillness of the foreground character takes away from all the work you put into animating the background character. I know it might be difficult to take enough time to animate both but if you find the time I think it might be worth it. Other than that though well done. :{


maybe keep the doc out of the shot if your not gonna animate. Make it look like the person is talking to someone the camera does not see.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Nice concept - would like to see finished. Definitely like his wiping his hands.

Use more hips and spine.