Final Rating: 3.43. Finished 113 out of 164 entries.

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Animator: Paul Boogaards

Description: One character shows off his new creation.

Experience: 5 years of animation school, 4 years of art classes and 2 years of acting school.

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Poses are not really strong...needs holds

Kamal Bhattacharjee:

better you should spend time on animation rather than Rendering.....

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Like where the pose is going at 340, though I think the body should "explode" with emotion.

Doc's stance is not quite right, looks a bit twisted. Some movements are not clear in intention.


Good facial animation and lip sync. The staging works well too. Body movements need to have more defined dynamic posing, right now they are both very stiff and a little too upright. Try to work on transitions and moving holds, they tend to both freeze up. Arcs are your friend.