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Epic Baseball Trials

by Matt

Final Rating: 6.32. Finished 12 out of 164 entries.

1,728 views including the voting period.


Animator: Matt

Description: A teenager and his older scientific friend are about to test out an amazing new baseball launcher!

Experience: 6+ years

Time taken: 1 week


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

William Barry Eggington:

I love what you did with Doc. His animation is fantastic. Marty came a long way from what I remember of your Work in Progress. Awesome!

Nicole Brettell:

Really GOOOD! That's what I'm talking'!

Max Calderon:

good stuff, just gotta work on the lip shapes

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Some good thinking, like the initial pose and the hat up.

Staging is strange requiring doc to go right in his face, doesn't work.

Doc's head move unmotivated. Watch arcs and keep body working together.



The animation is good, but the composition is too cramped. Both characters are cropped in frame, try pulling the camera back so the characters are not cropped. Also, having doc enter the frame as he does just doesn't make any sense. I could see him coming in from screen right and leaning in over the launcher, giving the explanation then leaving.


lol, I love the professor/scientist character. Very nice touch!