Final Rating: 5.67. Finished 26 out of 164 entries.

643 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alireza Pakrou

Description: i hope i get more comments for fixing my problems!!

Experience: 5year

Time taken: 10days


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William Barry Eggington:

Very expressive hand work.


Nice scenery. ..turn of the head needs more anticipation. ..the finger-thing is a bit over the top

Nicole Brettell:

Don't really get it...


Animation wise this is good but what is he looking at? You'd think it was the car they were talking about but obviously not from the eye direction.

Max Calderon:

Nice acting on malcolm but the guy under the car has a lot of dialogue to be hidden under the car

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Not half bad, good finger work. Like how you never see the doc, and even so his body is pretty much working.

Don't like looking off in the distance and timings are off. nuclear gesture is way late.

Michael Kristiansen:

Pretty cool. A little more expression in the end would be great I think. But well done sir.

Alex Kimbrough:

great work but the lip sync need lots of work

Darnell Raymond:

The background is cool i like the animation, it was good