Final Rating: 3.02. Finished 137 out of 164 entries.

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Animator: Aaron Wilbanks

Description: Mharti asks Dock about his new device, but doesn't like the answers that he's given!...

Animated using Maya and using the Morpheus animation rig.

Aaron Wilbanks, Senior in Animation at Michigan State University.

Experience: I have been studying 3D animation at Michigan State University for 2+ years

Time taken: This took me approximately 28 days


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Nicole Brettell:

Guy with Michael J. Fox's voice seems off balance with his pointing at the end,
but the guy with Christopher Lloyd's voice is great.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Really like the opening shot.

Body parts moving independently and not connected as a whole. Walk is off, arcs not there.


Watch for IK locking in the limbs, try to create more drag and overlapping action if you are going to stick with IK. Both characters are very swimmy, try working pose to pose and create more defined holds to get away from that swimmy feel. Also try using more dynamic poses instead of face on with the camera. The walk cycle feels like a marionette rather than planted feet, try planting the feet that are on the ground.

Javier Ovalle:

The animation seems robotic, smoothing out the animator may help and the walk and finger pointing is a little odd, but overall it's pretty good.