Final Rating: 4.20. Finished 70 out of 164 entries.

373 views including the voting period.


Animator: Buddha Babulanam

Description: I'm a first-timer entering!

I wanted to fix up the animation a bit but I couldn't render properly so I ended up just going with standard settings Mental Ray. Which ended up with the rendering taking about 4-5 nights. Sucks.

Experience: 1 1/2 years

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Christoph Lendenfeld:

animation isn't bad but the cutting took a lot of it away.
I'd put out the black frames and maybe try to reduce the cutting speed because it's hard to make out what's actually happening

Patrick King:

camera shutter cuts and constant breaking 180 rule makes this very hard to read

Ramsey Parks:

I looks good, but the black screen between every shot is really annoying.

Divyam Chand:

why is there a black cut every time the camera changes? and the camera cuts abruptly just to show the doc moving...its not registering. needs better holds.

San Mathew:

The black between cuts are a major distraction

Valentina Velieva:

nice but cuts are a bit distracting

Sharath Kumar:

Lot of Cuts... But the overall animation was well done!!

Ed Seager:

you didn't so many cuts, quite good though

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Some good things going on, like how you've got some weight in the first shot. Movements jerky, watch arcs. Camera clicks don't work with the sound too well and are distracting.


Too many camera cuts. Only need 1-3, no more. The energy of the characters matches the dialogue well as does the lip sync. Body animations could be improved with greater definition of poses, holds and transitions.