Final Rating: 3.08. Finished 133 out of 164 entries.

355 views including the voting period.


Animator: Chris

Description: Charlie is at his friends garage checking out his newest creation... a nuclear motorcycle!

Experience: 3 months

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Ed Seager:

Keep practising :), don't keep the mouth in a smile as he talks, break up those edges.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Decent concept, I'd move him more centered and maybe view at 3/4.

Body is not fully working together, use fast / slow. Don't believe he's grabbing the machine.

Michael Kristiansen:

He looks all over the place. People rarely do that. We look from a specific thing to the next. Try play out the scene yourself or find reference material. More lip sync would benefit the animation as well.


Lots of room for improvement. What is working are the hands interacting with the handlebars, great example of IK and props. The staging of the character doesn't work and even though there are objects filling in the negative space, it still feels lopsided that all of the action is happening on screen left. I would start the camera angle here to show the establishing shot and move in closer to the character's face as that is where the majority of this composition's actions are taking place. The body poses are too stiff, movements are very floaty and could be more dynamic with appropriate holds. The energy level of the character does not match the dialogue. The eyebrows could be used more dynamically, they are also very stiff and perform flat, along with the mouth, too flappy and not enough controlled mouth shapes to match the dialog. The principals of animation apply not just to the body of a character, but also to the face.