Final Rating: 3.80. Finished 93 out of 164 entries.

347 views including the voting period.


Animator: CodyValjalo

Description: An aspiring assistant to a brilliant scientist is intrigued to what his mentor has just created.

Experience: 1 Year 3D. 5 Year as Animator

Time taken: 8 Days


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Dylon Valjalo:

I like it.


Ha! I like the kick as a way to enter the character into the scene - nice job. I think the one with Marty's voice I think is using too many poses - I would cut it down to the most important ones and focus on making it look more natural through acting it out and watching the video reference of yourself.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Interesting concept. Shoot more 3/4.

Body not working together, use more hips and twist.


Nice story and staging! The timing on "kick" is a few frames off. The facial animations are working well and read clearly. The body movements need improvements. Look for opportunities to strengthen the follow through and overlapping action on the characters, its there but could be pushed a little further. Anticipations are there too but could also be more defined and pushed a bit more. Some of the holds could be a bit longer to eliminate that swimmy feeling. I love Doc's entrance, minus the timing of the foot and kick, i think it works well.