Final Rating: 6.23. Finished 16 out of 164 entries.

1,251 views including the voting period.


Animator: Hernan Beroldo

Description: A science student amazed by his mentor's new creation.

Experience: Some

Time taken: Almost a month in my free time


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Nice presentation - good poses, believable acting and facial expressions. Good work!

The first couple seconds of dialogue felt a little over-acted, but everything else seemed great! Definitely deserves to be in the top 11.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Like the interaction between the two.

Gestures are way over the top and not really believable.

Good arcs, decent timing. Just need better thinking / motivation.

San Mathew:

Good, however a little too much overacting


This is fantastic. Everything is working great from lip sync, facial expressions, mouth shapes, and all of the principles of animation are there. The only thing that could be improved is changing where the big actions are taking place. I would tone down Marty's movements during the intro part and save the big movement for his reaction to nuclear.

Javier Ovalle:

Love the body language, facial expressions, and reactions, very nice.

Tyson Haeh:

Animation is nice but some of your acting choices feel kinda awkward

Danny Kneip:

Strong animation, although I really feel he should have whipped that Plutonium rod up much faster to hit the beat "..plu-TO-nium." Personal preference, I suppose. Additionally, the intro goes about 2 seconds too long. Some good, dramatic poses/expressions and great use of the motion blur to sell the movement. Lots of single fingers held up in the air (characters repeating gestures) and scrunched hands. I think at F434 Marty DOES touch the prototype! Overall, a very enjoyable piece of animation.