Final Rating: 5.43. Finished 34 out of 164 entries.

566 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jack Spiggle

Description: A tribute to everyones favourite Swede, David Windestål =D (If anyone understands this please leave a comment)

Experience: 8 months

Time taken: 20 hours animating, 15 hours building the props, puppets and set and 5 hours in post


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Amazing job!


Not seeing many stop motion animations anymore, especially in this competition, i can greatly appreciate the work put into tis. Its very well done. The setting, character design and animation itself. I would have perhaps pushed the poses for both characters just a bit more. It would have made the reaction to hearing its nuclear much more clear. The "Marty: character could have done a bit more with his poses instead of having his hand on his elbow the whole time. Perhaps during the last frames when hearing the device "was nuclear" you could have pushed his arms out away from the pose he was in the whole animation. Other than that, great work.

Danny Kneip:

An impressive lip sync for stop motion, although the lack of movement, in respect to the emotion of the dialogue, is problematic. A CU of "Marty" might have allowed you to give him a full body turn to face Doc, instead of just moving his head. And then Doc is pretty much frozen in his pose after his line.

Overall, I think this is a great foundation and I am envious of your ability and patience to work with clay figures. Good job!

Ed Seager:

Hah awesomeness :)


Really like the stopmotion. But his bodylanguage could be more dramatic towards the end when he finds out the thing is nuclear.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Claymation - cool!

Rocking back and forth not working, weight shifts off.

Green light too distracting.