Final Rating: 5.86. Finished 24 out of 164 entries.

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Animator: Tomasz Grenda

Description: fast animation, did not have much time but I hope ppl will enjoy my work :)

Experience: 11 years in industry, 8 years as an animator

Time taken: 3 days +1,5 day for RD and comp


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I think the best part was the freeze before Marty said "are you telling me this sucker is nuclear??"

Overall acting is decent, but if you're going back to this I would plus the poses + expressions.

Tomasz Grenda:

where I make misstake, shot no. 2 lipsyn is off a bit and one shape to much. Doctor shot could be way much beter now last cut is maeke character jump from one side of the screan to other. Well this could me mch more better but in 3 days of work it's a good blocking-splining I will say.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

like the mouth / face at the realization.

Body weight can be weird, camera cuts tend to confuse. Gestures such as head scratch are not really motivated.

Decent animation overall, esp. some of Doc.

Rob Small:

Could use more exaggeration/emphasis on the acting with 'nuclear?!' but otherwise this is great! Nice one!


This is great. The only thing I recommend to change is to give the Marty character a little more breathing room in frame, feels too cramped and maybe push his poses s bit more during the nuclear response, its the point in the dialogue with the greatest amount of energy and the body language should reflect that. Everything else is working great: the eyes, mouth shapes, lip sync and remaining body language, staging, dynamic poses, anticipation, drag, settles, transitions.