Final Rating: 3.76. Finished 95 out of 164 entries.

351 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alexandria Nelson

Description: Marty needs to win a street race and has asked Doc to help him out with that. Days later, Doc presents Marty with a motorcycle.

Experience: 3 months

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Eddie Higgenbottom:

a little floaty work a little bit more on your inbetweens

San Mathew:

A little too much acting and movement

Jamal Pollack:

id lose the cam moves

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Like the getting closer to the bike, starting to ride, then finally getting away.

Body weight is not always correct, use better follow-through and arcs.


Staging and energy levels as well as lip sync are working well. Try using a more stationary camera, the camera movements are too much and detract from the animation. The character could use more pose to pose movement and more holds, right now it is very swimmy. It could also use more arcing movements, settle and drag. Timing could be broken up with holds to create more variation in cadence as right now its too even.

Javier Ovalle:

It looks a little stiff the animation try smoothing it out a bit or give him more facial expressions but I could read the body language just fine very nice though