Final Rating: 4.90. Finished 44 out of 164 entries.

413 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mohamad Jaka Aries

Description: Seeing the result of an invention.
I'm sorry , i can't polish more and add 1 more character ...
Hope you enjoy it.

Experience: 6 Years

Time taken: 4 Weeks, randomly hours


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Nicole Brettell:

Like the character's movements and the lip-synch... really, really sharp. Kudos to you!

Danny Kneip:

Some really good erratic gestures that read well. The lip sync falls apart around F100, and then comes back, sort of, for his final line. The concept is good and at least Doc was represented in some way.

Rob Small:

Some real nice eye movements in this!

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Cool concept and good work on the talking box.

Body disconnected, hands / arms moving independently. Jerky and could use better arcs.

Good work!

Michael Kristiansen:

Nice poses.