Final Rating: 4.48. Finished 57 out of 164 entries.

392 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tyrone Owens

Description: Dialogue - "Back to the Future", 11 second animation playblast. Two character performance piece.

Rigs used: Norman and 11 Second Club Rig.

Experience: 2 years Education

Time taken: 1 Month ( 3 and a half weeks)


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Louis Parker:

I like the use of hands and good lip sync. Reaction at the end was a tad early but we'll done.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Good thinking, good ideas, like how he leans FORWARD at nuclear.

Body is not working together, initial standing pose is a bit weird.

Ed Seager:

I think you could have zoomed in a lot more for this and had less of a wide table. its good though :)


great acting choices, good staging, dynamic poses. Marty character feels a little too locked to the table, could use a little more life to fingers and palms after he plants. The take works well as does the overall lip sync, body language, facial animations.