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by jean Christope Martin

Final Rating: 4.57. Finished 51 out of 164 entries.

395 views including the voting period.


Animator: jean Christope Martin

Description: here is my work for september's 2015 competition.

Experience: 3 years of school

Time taken: 60 hours


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I think the biggest thing that stood out to me was the way Doc exited the scene. It would have been good to see a stretch / motion blur for how fast he was moving.

Danny Kneip:

So much of this is spent, in my opinion, trying to avoid lip sync. I think you have a really good concept, overall, and an interesting camera angle, but if I can't see the lip sync and see the expressions, I'm unable to have emotion for the characters.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Cool setup! Use arcs for better movement from pose to pose. Like the stroking the machine.

Doc's walk is off with knee pops and needs work.


Cute concept. Lots of room for improvement. Both characters are very poppy, Doc's walk cycle especially. Watch for over extension of the legs, this causes popping action in walks as does linear curves as we see in Marty's legs around frame 157. Staging could improve by moving the camera so that both characters are close to center, Marty just screen left of and Doc just screen right.