Final Rating: 3.57. Finished 105 out of 164 entries.

326 views including the voting period.


Animator: Rio Stewart

Description: This isn't what he signed up for..

Experience: 9 months

Time taken: 25 hours


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Ramsey Parks:

The way the second character moves is a bit odd especially his hands. I suggest using more frames and move the hands in an arc.

Nicole Brettell:

Like the characters; they are superb in expressions but the arm movement of the guy with the green shirt needs a bit more work.

Jamal Pollack:

eyes need focus

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Like what you were going for at the end. Posing is a bit odd and weight / timing are off. Kick gesture is decent but not working yet.

Michael Kristiansen:

so-so. Remember eyes, they look really stiff..


Decent start. The character performances feel floaty and lack the energy that matches the dialogue. The poses are very stiff and not dynamic. The silhouettes do not read well. There is too much movement and not enough hold time between critical poses that are necessary. The mouth and eye movements are working well though the timing on the blinks could use adjusting.

Nathan Younger:

body of both characters are swimmy.