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Pu and the Five Dwarfs

by Danny Kneip

Final Rating: 5.44. Finished 33 out of 164 entries.

587 views including the voting period.


Animator: Danny Kneip

Description: Sleepy wonders how Doc plans to power their new slave-boy. Of course, everyone knows Pinocchio can only truly come to life with a wish. And not Plutonium! Dummies!!

Made with Blender.

Experience: years

Time taken: this took FOREVER!!!


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

William Barry Eggington:

Nuclear rod in his ear made me laugh. :-)

Sebastian Haas:

nice on the acting, just a bit confusing on the camera, like, who are these other 3 dwarves all of a sudden...

Julien Ferritto:

Good idea ahah


facials are good...body needs improvement


Wait so what is the thing that runs on plutonium? The toy on the box, or the gnome that's shoving it in his ear?

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Really like the Santa and Elves idea!

Confusing focus - am I looking at Santa or the guy shoving plutonium in his ear?

Weight shifts are not always correct, bodies are fairly dead.

Decent eye and face work.

Danny Kneip:

Self-criticism - - the frames are busy and there's a lot going on. I'm not convinced I've done a solid job of directing the viewer's eye. I love the render, and the characters. The animation itself is pretty good, but I think I've seen better work this month by others. I am also concerned that I haven't properly identified Pinocchio.

Mayur Hasabe:

Funny :)