Final Rating: 6.91. Finished 3 out of 183 entries.

3,171 views including the voting period.


Animator: Josh Adler

Description: This device is a lot more than just a spaceship.

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: The entire month of September


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Per Cardell:


Tim Evans:

Fantastic performance

Lucas Eric:

wow!! nice!! congrats!!

Em Harrenstein:

Hey, this turned out great! I think the old film thing is definitely working, but the "skip" is happening ahead of the sound on the audio. The last part of the lip sync, "ache to go again" needs some work. It doesn't really feel like his mouth is making the right shapes for the audio. Also, the last P of "spaceship" his lips never close. You don't want to make a mouth motion for every single syllable but this one is pretty important! Try making a "puh" sound without closing your lips and you'll see it's impossible. The eye movements and expressions are really good! Keep up the great work.