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This is really not a spaceship..

by Alex Rotterdam

Final Rating: 4.65. Finished 62 out of 183 entries.

42 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alex Rotterdam

Description: I tried to overanimate him so that the focus lies more on him than on the object itself. So he presents the "timemachine" in an exaggerated way while he thinks about the "place" in the past.

Experience: 3

Time taken: 12 hrs


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Chris Ter Berg:

Nice poses even if 240 is to much drama for the soundtrack. Timing is an issue though

Tim Evans:

Not bad at all. Bad decision for lighting as its so hard to see the facial emotions.


so mystiphic

Danny Kneip:

Slightly over the top, in general. I believe the timing of the lip sync if just off a frame or two. I like your ambition and the character's performance overall, but I don't think it's a perfect match to the audio. Additionally, the clackity-clack sound is a key component of the audio, and has been ignored.


Some very interesting moments! I would suggest another camera angle! Keep up the good work!