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Animator: Vikram Puttanna

Description: This shot is about a hobo. The kind we see everyday. Some or most seem a little off the hook.... though if we dig a little deeper, we realize that it is a mechanism to cope with situations that was out of their control.

Experience: a few years, most experience is as a Character TD.

Time taken: 3 weeks, about 1-2 hours a day. Approx 42 hours


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Christian Engel:

Nice idea

Danny Kneip:

Hi Dr. Robot! This turned out really nice. The emotion is well animated. The lip sync gets a little lost, probably due to the shadows, on "This device", but the rest is mostly readable. I'm so happy you indicate what the "device" is by placing his hand on the cart, rather than the more obvious choice, to point at it. The tapping of the cart also shows the affection he has for it, like it was a pet. Smartly done. The falling can is brilliant (and original). Still maybe some issues with his right leg feeling frozen, but I mostly see that when I stare at this 20+ times. Overall, it's a really good piece and you should be proud of your effort!

Em Harrenstein:

Hey there! I remember seeing your progress on the forums. This turned out really nicely! The scene worked really well with your idea, and it's clear you put a lot of time into this. So here's my critique: I would say that his surprised reaction to the photo doesn't really work as he is already talking about the subject and has already planned what he's going to say. There isn't a sense of surprise in the dialogue so it doesn't fit. Also, the lip syncing needs some work still. I know it's tricky with those big teeth but for one thing his mouth seems to move ahead of the audio, and it feels like it opens and closes on every syllable instead of melding from one to the other. Great work though! I only spend this much time commenting on something that has potential. :)