Final Rating: 4.86. Finished 52 out of 183 entries.

26 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ryan Woods

Description: september 2014 competition, senior year at Huntington University

Experience: <3 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Adam Gillespie:

This reminds me of watching a stage performance. Personally I'd like to see some different camera angles used here, but your animation really did look fluid, so when I say it looks like a stage production I mean I can totally believe this is an actor auditioning for a part on a stage.

brianna mooley:

Too stiff, too frozen. It should always be fluid!

Per Cardell:

With snappier movements this would be really great!


Nice at all

Matthew Slanchik:

Very good! I like how you "went somewhere" with the dialogue.

Jonas ML:

awesome! But it's a little bit strange how the character keeps looking at the cam most of the time


knees in bed