Final Rating: 5.76. Finished 18 out of 183 entries.

130 views including the voting period.


Animator: Austin Wright

Description: Old folks try to find new ways of having fun in their rest home.

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: All Month


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brianna mooley:

Haha very hilarious!

Robert Firestone:

This one is awesome.

Per Cardell:

Hahah! Fun idea and some really good animation. Great work!


haha :D
Animation on old guy is fabulous! Really nice facial animation!

Danny Kneip:

Your entry appears twice, and I'm giving them both the same score. :) I think it was mentioned in the WIP that someone didn't like the closeup of the guy at F29, but I love that entire sequence. The lip sync is pretty good, overall. Something strange happens to the speakers hand at F66. Also strange that you would set up the guy in orange to fall down, and we are, I assume, supposed to be amused / surprised by that, but your characters don't react at all!

Greg Evans:

Funny stuff!