Final Rating: 5.87. Finished 23 out of 125 entries.

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Animator: Aiyarat Thongdeeprasert

Description: a typical conversation between two mummies.

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 4 days


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Jay G. :

So much is good here...eye focus, emotion, gestures and lip synch

Ben Zingo:

Love the bounciness of it, but there a lot you could polish- eye darts, more expressive/animated eyebrows, opening the mouth further to get more expressive mouth shapes, and avoiding a totally-profile view of the head (play to the camera)

Liam Smith:

You could move the hands up to be in frame when being used for expressions

Ahmed Morsy:

Nice! Just have your characters face camera as much as possible so the audience can see their expressions and lipsync, in a shot like this, I'd say keep their faces 3/4 to cam, and cheat the eyes if you need to.

Reginald C Pumpernickel:

This is solid, but I'm not gonna lie the way the dark mummy stares at the light one from frame 20 to frame 160 looks straight up sexual