Final Rating: 4.79. Finished 61 out of 125 entries.

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Animator: Gabriela Badaró Braga

Description: A man trying to explain what he saw in the alley. But how can he say that he saw a bat... man, without being the character of the comics?

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Hadrien Kobylarz:

Good posings, but maybe too much acting ideas in a single animation. You should also try to reduce the range of motions of the character.

Ben Zingo:

Try acting it out yourself and use reference! Your character acts & feels like he's sped up/in fast-forward. Make sure you're easing your keyframes, and sometimes less is more!

gustavo oliveira mendes:


Liam Smith:

When the character focuses on a point to talk it changes where they're looking making me thing the person off screen is running around