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Friendly Interrogation

by Pooja Kolekar

Final Rating: 4.87. Finished 57 out of 125 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Pooja Kolekar

Description: After office hours, senior cop and intern discussing about batman's whereabouts.

Experience: Student- learning animation, first attempt at two person dialogue shot.

Time taken: 9 days


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Jessica Graves:

Good start. I like the idea.

Julian Dill:

You haven't added the lip-sync yet, and I think you need to clean up some of the curves in the graph-editor.

Kfir Ben-Dov:

The primary poses and layout are cool. I like the composition. It just needs smoothing out in the arcs, and the body parts. Take care of the spacing problems and tighten up the lipsync

Liam Smith:

You could focus the camera on each character when they're talking cause It's hard to see their expressions

Anaïs Ledoux:

I like the small head movements! Would look great with lipsync.

Jacob Gluckman:

Nice believable postures of the characters