Final Rating: 6.22. Finished 14 out of 125 entries.

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Animator: Anurag Chanda

Description: Two Room_mates,One has just arrived from office and trying to react in a sarcastic way of his delusional writer freind who is always high on some stuff and use to imagine things.

Experience: 6years

Time taken: 8 days


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Hadrien Kobylarz:

Great job ! I think with less camera angles and cuts we would enjoy the work you put in your animations even more !

Jessica Graves:

I think there were some nice acting choices in here. I like the ball toss at the beginning.

I think that having the pose for "big like a man" hit while he's saying it might read a bit better.

Ben Zingo:

? what's going on?
The one guy is crazy shiny, and the other guy is in complete darkness.
The acting and animation looks good from what little I can see, but.....what happened here?