Final Rating: 6.02. Finished 19 out of 125 entries.

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Animator: Daniel

Description: Two goons in Gotham discuss what one of them might have seen in the distance.

Experience: Graduated with animation degree in May 2022

Time taken: Around 2 Weeks total, but I spent time on and off throughout the month.


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Hadrien Kobylarz:

Great acting ideas and storytelling !

Ben Zingo:

don't be afraid to bend and twist the body for expression!
Some of the movements/poses feel very natural, like you stuck close to the reference, but don't be afraid to push & exaggerate things!
Also watch out for over-extensions when using IK, around frame 95 the guy in the back has a bit of 'pop'ing on his arm as he moves his hand up towards the box

Liam Smith:

While the character on the Left is talking I'm too focused on the right's actions. If the Left's actions were more action grabbing that would be nice. I like the batman shadow at the end

Richard Adams:

Love the lighting and rendering on this one. Animation's decent too. LOL at the shadow of Batman.