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what's your good reason today ?

by DEMETRIOU Andreas

Final Rating: 6.02. Finished 19 out of 125 entries.

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Animator: DEMETRIOU Andreas

Description: A pupil comes too late in class for the umpteenth time. This time he claims to have seen Batman, but his schoolheadmaster is not fooled

Experience: what's your good reason today ?

Time taken: about 90 hours


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Ben Zingo:

I feel like you could push the acting/animation more, but the staging and camera cuts were really nice!

Liam Smith:

Really creative and looks like alot of effort was put into it

Kfir Ben-Dov:

Story is really cool, there's definitely a potential over here!
The poses could be more pushed, the movements could get more arcs, be more organic and less abrupt. I liked that ending with the form, next time make sure you're clear and easily readable to your viewers, right now I had to struggle to read it. Keep up the good work!

Julian Dill:

The lipsync needs work, it's kind of distracting, but when I ignore it, everything else looks good.


Very cool, I especially like the little thumb twiddle. And all the excuses.