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Animator: Clémence A

Description: Two urbex explorers are filming a video in an abandonned building. One is tagging the wall, while the other is setting up the camera, while sharing an anecdote with his friend.

Experience: I'm a 4th year student in 3D animation !

Time taken: The entire month, as a duration. Not sure about the exact amount of hours, though.


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Mouth movement definitely not finished. The Jaw is moving but there's little if no Lip movement.

While fingers do move they feel like they're glued together.

Ben Zingo:

having the background character closer to the camera, and changing the staging might have helped. I didn't even see the 2nd character at first because he's totally blocked by the hand at the start of the scene, and as a viewer I'm focused on the main guy up front.
I think you could also really push the mouth shapes during lipsync for more expression

Kiya Price:

Cool concept with the camera

Kfir Ben-Dov:

Good story! Love that handheld cam at the beginning and the batman shadow at the end. All it needs is smoothing out the graphs and taking better care of lipsync