Final Rating: 7.71. Finished 2 out of 82 entries.

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Animator: Anton Chechenev

Description: So the guy is very confident in his charm

Experience: 10

Time taken: 2 days


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Richard Adams:

That burping...and her obvious disdain...hahaha.. :D

Ahmadreza Ebrahimi:

good idea

Tom Islava:


Aaron James Mongcopa:

Winner! I like the adlib animation in the beginning! Great job! Timing and concept works together perfectly!

Karl Bernhardt:

great animation, very well done. love the camera and how dynamic you made the scene. the first guys performance is excellent, must of been a blast to animate!

Jonathan Cotton:

I love the subtlety in his character. Really brings him to life. Brilliant.

Jay Gluckman:

Smooth....great emotions....not too exxagerated


So nice

Jenn Byrd:

HA, I love the acting in this one! It's great you added the silent belch as he was talking and wafted the smell away XD Great work!

Ben Zingo:

Brilliant work! I really admire some of the face acting and quick acting moments you slip into the pauses.
Movement feels very fluid, and nothing seems rushed. Great stuff!