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Disdain might be a little kind..

by Izzy Patchett

Final Rating: 3.43. Finished 71 out of 82 entries.

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Animator: Izzy Patchett

Description: A spy is caught in a precarious situation, but doesn't lose his cool...

This piece isn't finished, obviously, but I have the main movement down, which is the key part - I hope to share the piece here again once it's finished!

Experience: 3rd year animation student at University of Sunderland

Time taken: Approx. 1 week


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Richard Adams:

Very unfinished, rough sketchy lines, no faces whatsoever, let alone lip syncing. But what you *do* have here is *really* well-animated. Great poses and body mechanics.

Ahmadreza Ebrahimi:

my eyes my eyes.

Susannah N.:

Animation is great! Love the shapes! I think you just needed more time to get some the facial expressions and lip-syncing in. It's definitely a great start though!

Jenn Byrd:

Looks like a great work in progress! Keep going!