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I was trying so hard to hide it

by Luke Woodberry

Final Rating: 3.91. Finished 62 out of 82 entries.

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Animator: Luke Woodberry

Description: This is my interpretation of the voice clip we were given for the challenge. I thought it could work nicely with a hero and villain dynamic.

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 2 weeks on and off


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Richard Adams:

His head movement is *really* nicely animated. Wish there was more body movement. Strange glitch between frame 191-192. And that camera jump between frame 340-341 is jarring. The shot between 341-359 too brief to really see what's going on. Had to pause to realize he's on his back on the ground and her sword is in his chest.

Ditch the "to be continued". I do love how his face is animated though--that bit's terrific. I like the forest setting and characters you chose.

Jenn Byrd:

Their expressions look great! Brighten up the lighting so we can see their face better.