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Animator: Sean O'Hara

Description: When I listened to the audio, I pictured a moth... so I scavenged the house, grabbed a water bottle, a little faux fur fabric, a few buttons, butcher paper, and a cardboard box and went to work.
Sorry there’s not more character animation… but it was fun.

Experience: I've been dabbling in stop motion for about a dozen years.

Time taken: Probably 7 hours to build everything and another 7 to animate.


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Nadine Labib:

I like it!! I watched it more than once.
So smooth.
I just feel that maybe the camera could've been positioned more dramatically when the "bee"? Speaks.

Alice Lambert:

I love the composition of this. The movement as she comes down her cacoon is really nice too

Andriy Hrymalyuk:

Love how surreal and unique it is :O Great!

Jonathan Fontaine:

Great ! love the texture and overall mood, nice story too !