Final Rating: 6.15. Finished 16 out of 108 entries.

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Animator: Anirvan

Description: A reporter goes investing a case where people are going missing after visiting that place. And then this happens.

Experience: 10

Time taken: 15 hours


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Nadine Labib:

Looks cool! Maybe the siren would have needed a bit of dramatic element added to it. The dramatic element it rather linked to the man


extra points for great story telling!

Isaac Nathan:

little over done

Richard Adams:

Editing cuts aren't great, but this is beautifully atmospheric and cinematic, and very well animated. Top 10 Entry IMO.

Andriy Hrymalyuk:

I don't think we need a shot where you show the body up and down - we are more interested in her reaction to it than how it looks.


Nice job. Movement gets a little too jumpy for me after the initial well executed lighter. Well done