Final Rating: 4.88. Finished 64 out of 182 entries.

294 views including the voting period.


Animator: Harry

Description: Hi there fellow animators and animation enthusiasts, this is my first entry in to the competition I hope you enjoy. I modeled the set and made everything except the characters! Thank you to the creators of the Norman rig :)

Experience: A couple of years traditional, just over a year in CG

Time taken: A fortnight


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John M:

Nice, relavent intro and lead in. Great story telling. Good use of cinematography

Nikolai Jonasson:

Some work was put into animating the facial expressions in 3D, something a lot of animators don't do enough of.

Kunal Mukherjee:

Need to improve the expressions and little sync needed.

George Clear:

Excellent character expressions, well done!

Nathaniel Vaughan:

The scenario is great, and so are the expressions. I wonder, though, if you could change the last camera angle, so we could see more of the character's body movements.

Gabriel Mira de Assumpção Peixoto:

Very few in this competition could pull this kind of shot without looking like a cheap way to animate as little as possible. Well done!